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Domicile (astrology)

Mars in Aquarius is willing to let others be themselves. They value freedom and individuality, both yours and theirs. They like to feel they have plenty of space and freedom. They are not very sentimental. They come across as detached, even in an intimate relationship.

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They like to run the show. They are well organized and can make a good leader. Mars in Aquarius is often the reformer; the one against the establishment. They are non-conformists, and demand compliance from those that follow you. Mars in Aquarius is into anything new and unusual in their sex lives, too. What is exciting one day is totally boring the next. They like to experiment and have a creative imagination. Stimulating their mind works very well. They are in it more for the fun than for any real passion or affection. They may seem detached to their partners.

They will be faithful unless they get bored. Aquarius Mars can drive their partner mad with their "don't care" attitude. Sex over the phone or computer is intriguing for them because it is all imagination. They crave variety and excitement. Return from Mars in Aquarius back to Mars Signs. Astrology Signs - Home. If you like my site about Astrology Signs, please click on the Like button. Financially you may feel comfortable but still you will have to work harder to develop extra sources of income which you may find by your own efforts.

You will get support of your family members. Friends will be equally helpful. You may feel energetic and satisfied most of the time. Health will be generally good. Some event at the workplace may keep you tensed.

Result of Mars Transit in Aquarius from 11th December 2016 for Aries

This period will not give you desired results. This transit may create worries and obstructions particularly at your workplace. Relations with family members may not be cordial. Professional life may cause tension and you may feel lot of unnecessary problems. This period may even create situations at workplace which may force you to leave or change the job.

Mars in Aquarius

Opponents will be active. In spite of some misunderstanding spouse will be helpful.


You may also face problems in paying off debts. You should avoid any kind of speculation or investing in stock which may be the cause of losses. Avoid the company of wicked persons and try to stay on righteous path to avoid any complications in future. Restlessness and insomnia may not be ruled out during this transit. Mars will be transiting your house of fortune during this period.

Generally, this period does not give desired results even putting lot of efforts which may cause restlessness. You should be careful at your workplace from the wicked colleagues. Brothers may not prove to be helpful. Health related problems like fever, fatigue or body pain may give you trouble. Take care of your father. Avoid journey which may be troublesome and tiring. This transit of Mars will not be favorable.

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Health may be the cause of concern. You should also be careful while walking or crossing the road as some injury may not be ruled out. Drive carefully. Do not involve in unnecessary argument which may take ugly situation. Those who are suffering from urinary problems should take extra care as this disease may aggregate. Proper medical guidance should be followed.

Professional life may be in trouble. You will feel lack of support at your workplace.

Earnings may reduce. Relations with the spouse may be problematic.

Know result of planet Mars in Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Mars sign Aquarius) as per Vedic Astrology

Relations with in-laws may be tensed too. Take care of the health of spouse as she may suffer some health problem related to arthritis, joint pain and digestion. This is the time when performing remedies of Mars may give some relief.

Mars transit may not give favorable results for the matters related to married life. Misunderstanding may develop in the relations with spouse. Relations with the business partners may also not be cordial.

The Powerful Influence Of Mars

Professional life may also be troublesome. This transit may prove to be challenging. It would be better if you avoid hot and unnecessary arguments with anyone. Suddenly you may find yourself passionate and may get involved in the company of opposite sex. You also need to maintain moral qualities during this period. Keep away from women who do not possess respect in the society. Also take care of your health as stomach related disease may be cause of concern.