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  4. Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Virgo

Yes, you might compare your sun sign aka, your main zodiac sign to your crush's or lover's, and you may or may not be "compatible" in the traditional sense. But you can also learn even more and probably find more signs of compatibility by analyzing your and your boo's birth charts.

That way, you can compare your Venus signs aka, your love signs and your Mars signs aka, your sex signs. With that in mind, here are the three zodiac signs who are least compatible with Virgos, so take some notes! By nature, Virgos are very detail-oriented and constantly strive to be better.

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On one hand, that can make them discerning and give them an excellent B. On the other hand, Virgos can come off as nit-picky, and that's absolutely the last thing that a sweet Cancer who's just doing their best! Similar, sensitive Cancer pays attention to subtle shifts in energy, noting even the smallest changes in body language or verbal intonation," Dawn wrote.

On another note, Virgos tend to be a bit kinky in bed and there's data to prove it. Sexually speaking, a Virgo's tastes might be a huge departure from a Cancer's affinity for softness, tenderness, and cuddling. A Virgo-Cancer couple would definitely have to do some adjusting to make it all work.

Virgo Sexual Compatibility: Precise and Tireless in Bed

Virgos and Leos aren't always compatible, but for a totally different reason than Virgo's incompatibility with Cancer. They're both hard-headed signs and staunchly set in their ways. In practice, if a Leo-Virgo couple worked hard, Leo's fiery nature could bring out the fun in Virgo. And being an "earthy" earth sign, a Virgo could make a Leo a little more grounded.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Virgo?

Of course, getting a kinky Virgo and a passionate Leo in bed together would make for a fun sexual dynamic, but still. Virgo and Leo have disparate approaches to life.

Aries Virgo Love Compatibility

And lastly, Virgos might want to stay away from Sagittarians. At your best, as a Virgo lover you are highly intelligent, intuitive, practical, loyal and utterly devoted to your partner.

Virgo and Libra Love Compatibility

You will do absolutely anything you can to love and support him or her, even to the point of sacrificing your own interests. Selfless and deeply caring, your Virgo compatibility works best with a water or earth sign who will appreciate the depths of support you offer and will lavish you with affection in return. Air signs can be a good match too, but fire signs can be too wild, too domineering and too disrespectful for your tastes.

An Astromatcha star sign compatibility report or birth chart can help show you where your strengths lie and how you can easily maximise them in love and in life. Virgo compatibility is strong with many signs, but like all relationships, there are things you can work on. Your criticisms can be harsh and hurtful, but even if you curb that your inner sense of worry over your partner can express itself within the relationship, suffocating and damaging it.

Is Virgo Compatible with Virgo? - Zodiac Love Guide

When it comes to your sex life, despite the misconceptions about your sign, you as a Virgo have a healthy sexual appetite. Virgo compatibility in the bedroom is less about sex drive and more about feeling the emotional security and love necessary to loosen up. Privacy is important too, so living with in-laws or having kids running around will temporarily close off some bedroom high jinks, but once sanity is restored, so will be the Virgo sex drive.

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Virgo

You do have an incisive mind, however, and you cut to the point in any arguments, so with mutual respect and a willingness to try ever so, ever so hard not to nag, your analytical mind is actually a positive boost to Virgo compatibility as it means your relationship is less likely to get hung up on words unspoken. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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